Multiple public and private development projects are planned and underway adjacent to the Anaheim Resort and Platinum Triangle, including city public utility improvements, city capital projects, new development and expansions of hotel, commercial, and residential properties, parking structures, entertainment area expansions, and more. To minimize conflicts and maintain seamless traffic flow patterns within the immediate area, the City of Anaheim has sought assistance with project management, including public outreach, to strategize, manage, coordinate, schedule, inform, analyze, and administer solutions of the construction schedules for the public and private projects underway.

Currently, Circlepoint is working with the City of Anaheim and project partner, KOA Corporation, to develop a communications system that will span across multiple departments within the agency. This includes collecting data and establishing a database of up-to-date information, coordinating with City GIS services, and streamlining construction communications.

All projects that impact the public right of way, require lane closures, or have the potential to increase congestion will be tracked, monitored and updated regularly. Circlepoint will establish consistent and effective communications throughout the project areas to help the City mitigate traffic flow issues. The first phase of the project is intended to refine the data collection system and visualize the information in an easy-to-understand format for an internal City audience.

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