With a 70 percent growth in traffic demand over the past 10 years alone, traffic congestion through the I-80/I-680/SR12 interchange in Solano County has become unbearable, substantially reducing travel times and impacting the movement of goods and services through the vital I-80 corridor. The project involves a major reconstruction of the interchange to accommodate existing and future traffic demands, improve HOV and transit use, accommodate new and expanded truck scales facilities, and maintain access for local businesses and residents.

Circlepoint has been working with the Solano Transportation Authority, Caltrans, FHWA, City of Fairfield and Solano County on the interchange project for the past eight years and fulfilled several key roles, both environmental and communications related. Circlepoint’s public involvement program has involved conducting stakeholder interviews; creating and distributing informational materials such as newsletters and fact sheets; noticing; and coordinating meetings, workshops, and special events with the public, regulatory agencies, and media outlets. Circlepoint’s role in environmental planning included developing an alternatives screening process to identify the alternatives to be studied in detail in the EIS/EIR, preparing visual and community impact assessments and providing strategic guidance and quality assurance/quality control review of the EIR/EIS document. Circlepoint is assisting STA and Caltrans in obtaining regulatory permits for development of off-site mitigation lands in advance of construction beginning on the first phase of the project.

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