Long Beach Water Department

Project Overview

The Long Beach Water Department (LBWD) provides water and sewer services to nearly half a million people in a 50 square mile area in Southern California. Long Beach is a diverse city with significant Spanish-speaking and Cambodian communities, as well as a strong small business community. LBWD wants to encourage customers to make water efficiency a way of life in Long Beach. Circlepoint was selected to provide strategic social media communications and graphic design support services with the goal to create engaging and educational content and encourage LBWD customers to make using water efficiently a natural part of everyday life.

Key Work

Circlepoint has developed a thorough social media strategy and is developing and deploying tailored content for LBWD’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels. Circlepoint also tracks the performance of LBWD’s social media and reports on efforts to gauge success and optimize the performance each month. As part of the overall strategy, Circlepoint also developed a holiday-themed “Rinse Responsibly” social media ad campaign to encourage proper disposal of fats, oil, and grease (F.O.G.) to maintain functioning sewers. Additionally, Circlepoint is providing as-needed graphic design support and recently developed a series of “water hacks” decals to be placed on bathroom mirrors on the CSU Long Beach campus to encourage water-efficient behavior among students and campus visitors.

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