The Napa County Transportation and Planning Authority (NCTPA) serves as the transportation and planning body for Napa County and operates the Napa VINE transit services, providing inter-county/city transit services between Napa Valley cities, towns and the counties of Sonoma, Solano and Contra Costa.

Circlepoint created a strategic marketing campaign to increase awareness of the Napa-Solano Express, a new service launched by the NCTPA on July 1, 2013. Positioning the new service as a valuable alternative to driving required a creative solution due to the ride time being significantly longer than the time it takes to drive the route. Circlepoint addressed this challenge by re-positioning the longer travel time as a boon to riders. With the goal of generating ridership beyond the initial launch of the service, Circlepoint developed targeted messaging featuring a strong call to action, designed digital and print assets touting service features and benefits, and coordinated outreach appropriate for the culturally diverse community.

Circlepoint helped NCTPA spread the message locally through targeted commute-time radio advertising that reached drivers at peak traffic times and informed them about the new service launch. To engage Spanish-speaking populations of Fairfield and Suisun City, we developed promotional collateral featuring culturally appropriate messaging and Spanish translation and distributed those materials through targeted community-based organizations, including after school programs and senior centers. Since the introduction of the new bus routes in December 2013, ridership has increased by more than 36%.

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