Orange County Feeder Lining Replacement Project Public Outreach, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) is relining the Second Lower Feeder, a critical pipeline in Southern California’s regional water system. This project is necessary to ensure Metropolitan can continue to provide reliable water supplies to its 26-member public agencies that serve 19 million people. Construction is estimated to last until November 2019.

Circlepoint is supporting Metropolitan through a variety of communication and implementation strategies. The team developed a comprehensive public outreach implementation plan which was informed by construction phasing, milestones, anticipated closures, and other aspects of the project.

For consistency across project communications, Circlepoint created a project logo and brand guidelines. The brand creates an identity for the (mostly underground) project that helps boost project awareness and recognition of construction communications. Additionally, as part of project implementation, the Circlepoint team will be assisting Metropolitan with collateral development, advertising, social media content, and stakeholder engagement.

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