The European Grapevine Moth (EGVM) is a significant agricultural pest throughout much of the world. First found in California in 2009, USDA and APHIS needed to develop and implement an awareness campaign to avoid the spread of EGVM and a widespread quarantine on wine and table grape exports. Growers in significant grape-growing regions such as Napa, Sonoma, Santa Cruz, Mendocino, and Fresno counties have been diligently working to eradicate EGVM. However, support from a broader public audience, residential grapevine owners, home winemakers and farmworkers is critical to the success of the eradication efforts.

Having recently completed the HungryPest campaign for the USDA, the Circlepoint communications team wanted to build on the brand recognition of the HungryPest website, logo and media campaign. The communications objectives were threefold: 1) ensure awareness about EGVM; 2) educate people about taking steps to ensure they do not move the pest; and 3) encourage support for eradication efforts. In order to reach to farm workers – a critical target audience for the effort – we placed signs and provided informational cards on lunch trucks that service the Napa and Sonoma areas. Informational sessions at farmworker centers were held during the pruning and harvest seasons. Outreach to Spanish speakers also included one day attendance/booth setup at the Napa-Vallejo Flee Market to disseminate information. Our subconsultant, EMRL developed bilingual television and radio spots  that raised awareness and directed viewers to a campaign website and placed TV commercials on lifestyle networks such as the Food Network, HGTV and the Travel Channel. The commercial was also placed on Fox News, CNN and the Weather Channel. The Spanish commercial was placed on Galavision and Fox Sports Espanol.

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