Sustainable development is an intrinsic part of the work we do at Circlepoint. Our projects often champion sustainability. Beyond our portfolio, our culture embraces sustainable practices from top to bottom.

At Circlepoint, our sustainability plan has three realms that work together—Community, Environment and Employees.

sustainability diagram

Walking the Walk

bagb_decal_webWe are proud to be a Certified Green Business that aims to protect, preserve and sustain our environment. At Circlepoint, we have taken the pledge to stay green in our operations by conserving energy and water, minimizing waste, preventing pollution and reducing our carbon footprint.

Here are a few of the ways we’ve committed to sustainability within the workplace:

  • Abiding by an Environmental Purchasing Policy that outlines companywide standards for greening our supply chain.
  • Developing a cross-functional Green Team that is comprised of over 50% of our staff and prominent members of our management team.
  • Standing by our Green vendor partnership where we use our purchasing power to support B Corporations and local Green Businesses.

Alameda Wild Life PreserveWe see sustainability as a goal that reaches far beyond our workplace. Volunteering within our local community is one of the most powerful ways we have to support sustainability beyond our office. This year we assisted the Golden Gate Audubon Society to help prepare the Alameda Wildlife Reserve as a refuge and nesting site for the endangered California Least Terns and Adopted four storm drains in Oakland to help prevent against flooding of our streets and from trash that ends up in the Bay.