Celebrating 35 years

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re taking a look back at some of our most impactful projects — and how the expertise we gained prepared us for even bigger things in the future.

Building community

Building Our Communities Through Integrated Environmental and Communication Services

For the past 35 years, Circlepoint has worked on hundreds of great projects throughout California. These projects were built with purpose and strategy and fulfill our mission here at Circlepoint to provide communication and environmental services for our communities and the environment to thrive.

Circlepoint has delivered all types of CEQA and NEPA documents for a multitude of projects in the transportation and land use markets. We work closely with planning and design teams to identify environmental constraints early on, focus environmental documents on the important issues, and effectively involve stakeholders to build the support essential to bringing projects to fruition. We work with our clients, ensuring that we are providing CEQA/NEPA documentation that captures the correct components to pave the way for success during and after the entitlement process.

Engaging the Public with Equitable Outreach

From targeted local campaigns to massive statewide projects, Circlepoint leverages cutting-edge tools and proven techniques to connect with audiences and leave a lasting impression. We identify stakeholders, partner with CBOs, and design communications campaigns that create meaningful public involvement. Our integrated creative services group crafts multimedia collateral for print, digital, social media, web design, and video that delivers our message across linguistic and cultural barriers. We specialize in reaching underrepresented communities to ensure equitable access to our clients’ programs and services.

Serving the Agencies that Serve Us All

From planning and design to engineering and construction, Circlepoint is here to support the full project life cycle based on strategy and purpose. We’ve worked with dozens of municipal, state, and federal agencies, leveraging our unique expertise to achieve their goals. Careful project management and quality assurance processes allow us to maintain quality and efficiency whether we’re working for a local energy co-op or a state regulatory agency.


Who is Circlepoint?

We are a Team of professionals comprised of environmental analysts, communication coordinators, designers, project managers, principals, and executive leaders that provide strategic integrated environmental planning and communication engagement services for various transportation, land use, and water markets throughout California. We are unique because we are a small boutique firm that delivers big results with a passionate Team who share a common purpose to help communities and environments to thrive. Our Team takes pride in our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and within the communities that we serve.

Our Culture

Our Culture

Circlepoint empowers individuals to create positive impacts in communities in a collaborative and supportive environment. Circlepointers are committed to helping each other and the company achieve success by fostering and leveraging our team’s diverse strengths and their unique life experiences.


Abundant opportunities for communities and environments to thrive


We partner with clients to offer innovative environmental and communication services that advance the potential in communities and help us better understand our environments.