Alma Victoria

Alma Victoria

Controller/Associate Principal

As the Department Head and accomplished Senior Controller of the Finance/Accounting/Corporate Operations Department, Alma exemplifies transformative leadership at Circlepoint. Alma’s ability to measure and enhance accounting processes not only ensures the stable financial health of our organization but also sets a high standard for excellence.

Her remarkable achievement of a 100% success rate in audits and compliance reviews by IRS and government agencies is a testament to Alma’s exceptional leadership in maintaining the highest standards of accountability. Alma goes beyond traditional accounting roles; she strategically leverages her expertise to drive project and department milestones, consistently exceeding expectations while adhering to approved budgets.

Alma’s proficiency in enterprise-wide packages, reporting customization, and data mining reflects her deep understanding of technology’s role in optimizing financial operations. Her notable career is punctuated by repeated promotions, each one a recognition of Alma’s capacity to handle roles with increased responsibility.

Alma’s strategic leadership is the driving force behind Circlepoint’s financial and operational success. Her commitment to excellence, innovative problem-solving, and dedication to exceeding benchmarks make Alma an invaluable asset, shaping the trajectory of our organization towards continued growth and success.

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