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Elmhurst Food to Fuel Program

Elmhurst Apple

The City of Sacramento partnered with Circlepoint to develop a brand identity and outreach campaign in support of a short-term local food-to-fuel program. Circlepoint developed an original look with coordinating informational materials to successfully engage the target market to participate in the program.


The Challenge

elmhurst_sticker_1The Elmhurst community was been selected to participate in a 12-month Food to Fuel pilot program that will help chart the future of waste disposal for the City of Sacramento. The goal of the project was to engage a specific neighborhood of residents to participate in the short-term pilot program and gather data about the food scrap composition and it’s potential to be used for fuel conversion.


The Approach

Elmhurst Food to Fuel
Circlepoint developed a brand that was intrinsically recognizable and relatable to the specific target community for the project. The outreach tactics included a direct mail piece with easy to use how-to information and inspiring, direct calls-to-action. Program stickers identifying pilot participants, were created for community members to place on their outdoor bins, announcing their participation in the program. Lively signage and targeted exhibit materials help draw residents to the City’s booth at a local Spring event, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the program and find out how to participate. To build momentum for the project while limiting exposure to the neighborhood invited to participate, Circlepoint developed a targeted online community via social media promoting and open exchange of tips and experiences.Elmhurst Activity Page
Facebook Site Mockup


The Results

Food to Fuel Recycling BinCirclepoint succeeded in engaging the community that has resulted in strong participation in the program with data collection for the first five weeks of the program reporting 2,200 pounds of food scraps collected. A stream of social media updates and exchanges continues to enliven the program and garner local media attention.

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