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Sonoma Humane Society Communications

Sonoma Humane Artwork
Circlepoint assisted the Sonoma Humane Society in a proactive outreach campaign to better inform the public of their services and how community members can help. Through the creation of a fundraising toolkit and other strategies, Circlepoint greatly improved SHS communications with its neighbors and donors.


The Challenge

The Sonoma Humane Society’s mission is to ensure that every animal receives protection, compassion, love, and care. To achieve this, SHS must continue to reach out to the community it serves proactively and inform the public of how they can help support the organization. SHS hired Circlepoint to help conceive and implement a strategic and targeted communication effort.


The Approach

Circlepoint developed a communications plan identifying the most effective tools and resources to promote the organization, including recommendations regarding branding, messaging, website strategy, media relations, social media, community outreach, events strategy, and the need for a fundraising toolkit. Circlepoint facilitated meetings with the organization’s leadership to develop and implement targeted messaging. To support the organization’s fundraising efforts, Circlepoint developed and designed a fundraising toolkit. Most recently, Circlepoint worked with the SHS to develop a communication outreach strategy and set of activities as SHS successfully took over operations of the former Healdsburg Animal Shelter. The strategy for announcing this new SHS branch, now named the Healdsburg Center, included a communications plan, branding, messaging, a style guide, direct mail postcard, signage, and media relations support.

Healdsburg Center Logo


The Results

The fundraising toolkit is an important communication package to inspire and help donors, community members, and advocates of SHS who are interested in raising funds to support the organization. It gives interested parties the tools to host independent fundraising events for the organization. This visually appealing, informative package features fundraising event suggestions and guidelines, a fact sheet, talking points, invitation templates, and a sign-in sheet. Through the efforts surrounding the Healdsburg Center, SHS’s communications now have cohesion and clarity, helping to make them a more successful and effective organization. Circlepoint continues to provide ongoing communications and creative services to SHS.


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