The Highway 4 corridor improvements along State Route 4 include the highway, its interchanges, and affected local roadways from Pittsburg to Antioch, as well as the Sand Creek Interchange and Balfour Road projects near Brentwood. The project will also add 10 miles of BART track from Pittsburg Bay Point to a new Antioch station at Hillcrest Avenue. These projects represent an investment in the infrastructure of East Contra Costa County totaling over a billion dollars.

Circlepoint was brought onto the project in 2011 in order to create a unified communications plan and a single look and feel to the work being done along the Highway 4 corridor. The team worked with CCTA to create new project branding to symbolize the vision for the entire corridor, then used this brand to bring together graphics, text, and a design for a completely revamped project website. The website features easy-to-use navigation, is mobile-friendly, and provides real-time updates on project progress and traffic impacts. An interactive map enables visitors to view how each segment of the project fits within the context of the entire corridor and greater region. In order to keep this $1 billion project in the public’s eye as work progresses, the team also launched a Twitter feed and Facebook page for the project, and established protocols for regular updates in order to keep the public engaged and informed.

Circlepoint supported the Authority with media and public outreach, including the planning and facilitation of a community-focused ribbon-cutting event in July 2016, which garnered wide attention from Bay Area Media outlets.

Long-term outreach activities included the creation of a dramatic time-lapse video at the construction site for the Antioch BART station, and the creation of Story through Images, a “website-within-a-website” designed to bring the project to life through photographs, videos, and compelling narrative in an engaging online magazine format.

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